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History has its Eyes on You

By | Divorce

-By Olivia Nelson In the age of millennials, we have become adept at time-lining our lives through social media. We leave trails of life events and conversations all over the internet. While the public thrill of getting likes on pictures and connecting with our long distance loved ones brings joy,…

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Utah Summer Parent Time Broken Down

By | Child Custody

By Jill L. Coil for CoilLaw, LLC If you are reading this article it is because you most likely have an order regarding your summer parent time here in Utah and probably wondering why it is so confusing.  Well, that is because our legislators, who are the ones that write…

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How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

By | Divorce, Family Law

By Jill L. Coil for CoilLaw The number one question I get asked in initial consultations is “How much will my divorce [case] cost?”  I always chuckle at this question because this is the million-dollar question.  Attorneys have been trying in a variety of ways to figure this out so…

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Does Utah Recognize Common Law Marriage?

By | Family Law

Utah does recognize Common Law Marriage but it is under a set of specific circumstances that is hard to prove. When it comes to common law marriage, the process of getting a divorce isn’t too different from a regular divorce; there’s no such thing as “common law divorce.” In fact,…

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