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Coping with Valentine’s Day

By Jill Coil, Stories

If Valentine’s Day is important to you, and you’re recently divorced, you may be uneasy about  spending your first Valentine’s Day alone, especially if you aren’t ready to begin dating. Although spending the holiday alone may be difficult, you can get through this day in one piece. If you’re concerned…

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Who Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

By Divorce, Home

Not everyone needs a prenuptial agreement. In fact, most couples don’t benefit from a prenuptial agreement when there aren’t significant premarital assets that could be contested in a divorce. However, depending on your circumstances, a prenuptial agreement may be able to help protect you in the event of a divorce….

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Can My Ex Take the Kids without Telling Me?

By Child Custody, Divorce, Domestic Partnerships, Family Law, Home, Juvenile Crimes, Kids, Paternity Rights, Spousal Abuse, Uncategorized

You’ve probably either heard of people threatening to take the kids, or seen it happen in movies and television shows. Unfortunately, it does happen to some people. If you’ve been on the receiving end of such threats, you may be wondering whether or not there’s anything you can do to…

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How to Survive and Thrive When Your Marriage Ends

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