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Juvenile Defense

Learning that your child has been arrested and/or charged with a criminal offense under Utah law can be stressful. You may fear that your child will end up in prison and that their criminal record will create numerous challenges for them in the future. While juvenile charges can be serious, juvenile offenders have the same rights to quality representation as adults have in criminal cases and an experienced juvenile defense attorney can help guide you the process while zealously defending the rights of your child.

Common Juvenile Charges In Utah

While juveniles can be charged for allegedly violating any provision of the Utah criminal code, some of the more common juvenile charges include as follows:

  • Traffic violations;
  • Underage alcohol possession;
  • Underage driving under the influence (DUI);
  • Possession of marijuana or other controlled substances;
  • Assault; and
  • Theft crimes.

Though many of these offenses may seem relatively minor, Utah law sets out harsh potential penalties that may affect many aspects of your child’s life if convicted. The representation of a skilled juvenile defense attorney is imperative to limit or avoid these consequences whenever possible.

Potential Penalties For Juveniles

While the possible consequences will vary from case to case, some of the penalties commonly imposed for juvenile offenders include:

●      Fines and court costs

●      Restitution payments to victims

●      Loss of driver’s license

●      Curfew

●      Community service

●      Mandatory counseling

●      Random drug tests

●      Mandatory substance abuse treatment

●      Protective supervision

●      Probation

●      Juvenile detention

●      Prison time (if charged as an adult)

In addition to the above penalties imposed by the courts, having a criminal conviction may affect your child’s ability to qualify for certain educational programs, financial aid, or even certain jobs.

The Juvenile Justice System In Utah

The process for charging juveniles is significantly different than for adults in Utah and it is important to have a juvenile defense attorney who understands the procedures and rules in juvenile court. Attorney Jill Coil has a thorough understanding of juvenile criminal matters and knows how to negotiate with prosecutors and work with all parties involved to avoid wrongful conviction and limit the penalties your child faces whenever possible.

Contact Skilled Juvenile Defense Attorney Jill Coil Today

At CoilLaw, we know how difficult it can be for your family if your child has been accused of a crime. We provide effective defense for juveniles facing criminal charges and will always strive for the best possible outcome in your case. Our Utah Juvenile Defense attorneys also provide services for those facing matters involving divorce, domestic violence and spousal abuse, child custody, and child support. Please do not hesitate to call Attorney Jill Coil at 801-884-3775 to discuss your child’s situation as soon as possible.


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