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Tucked away in Parker County around the middle of Texas is the cozy town of Weatherford. The 2010 census counted Weatherford’s population at 25,250. However, Weatherford’s population has been most recently estimated at around 33,000. The city of Weather extends over almost 30 square miles and is about 60 miles west of one of Texas’s largest cities, Dallas. For Weatherford, it all began around the 19th century when just 15 families settled the city we now know as Weatherford, Texas. Currently, Weatherford is home to tens of thousands of residents and the city has been titled the Peach Capital of Texas by the Texas Legislature. And, Weatherford is also considered to be the Cutting Horse Capital of the World. 


A Town of History and Heritage

With Weatherford’s heritage and historical significance, there’s always something to see. If you’re interested in history, Weatherford is an especially interesting tourist destination. More than 60 Victorian era homes are still standing in Weatherford today. The historic Parker County Courthouse also sits in Weatherford and is a must see destination. Also, there are plenty of historic shops in Downtown Weatherford. Weatherford has a reputation for historical significance, and for fame: many well-known people have called Weatherford home. Famous politicians, actors and actresses, and athletes have all resided in historic Weatherford. 


When Is It Time for Divorce?

Some people can tell you the moment their marriage is over. In a lot of situations, there’s a definite, final straw that breaks the camel’s back. However, at other times, it’s not always so obvious. A lot of people aren’t sure whether or not to end their marriage. At CoilLaw, we’re divorce pros, but we’re not pro divorce. We want whatever is best for our clients–even if that means staying married. If you think you may be headed for divorce, the process can be much smoother if you are already prepared for both going through the divorce process and going through the process of staying married.


No One Dies from Divorce

No One Dies from Divorce is a book about surviving the divorce process and thriving after you’ve gotten through it. Written by award winning attorney, Jill Coil, this book is all about personal improvement and empowerment. It’s about when to put in the effort to save your marriage, and when it’s time to end your marriage. If your marriage is strained, and you’re considering divorce, No One Dies from Divorce is a must read. Though we know divorce itself cannot kill you, the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce can be overwhelming. If you are struggling to cope through this difficult time, it’s so important to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And, in times of crisis, extra help is just a phone call away. At CoilLaw, we believe that, though divorce is difficult, you have the power to make it through. 


Setting Up a Consultation Is Easy

Divorce is difficult. But, at CoilLaw, we make setting up an initial consultation easy. One of the best things you can do to secure your future during the divorce process is getting trustworthy legal advice from an experienced attorney. Having an attorney protect your rights and advocate for your best interests is one of the most effective ways you can mitigate your losses. If you’re going through a divorce, and you’ve got questions about your rights, contact CoilLaw today.


How to Survive and Thrive When Your Marriage Ends

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