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Legal matters involving your family or relationships can be some of the most stressful to face. In these cases, emotions often run high and can affect the judgment and decisions of the parties. In addition, when a family matter is adversarial, spouses or parties may become vengeful and angry, leading to serious complications in the case.

No matter what type of domestic violence you are facing, it is imperative to have the help of an experienced attorney who can provide valuable advice and legal counsel and who can protect your rights and best interest.

Domestic Litigation Involves Many Different Matters

The family courts in Utah handle a wide range of legal matters related to domestic life, including marriages, children, and more.An experienced Salt Lake City domestic litigation attorney will be familiar with a variety of Utah family laws to assist you no matter what type of legal issue is at hand. At CoilLaw, we regularly assist with the following domestic matters and more:

  • DivorceWhen two spouses decide to end their marriage, many legal issues arise. Divorce requires determinations regarding property, asset, and debt division, spousal support/alimony awards, issues related to the children, among many others depending on your particular situation.
  • Child custody and support — Your relationship with and ability to adequately support your child are often some of the most important issues in your life. Anytime a custody or child support matter arises, you want to ensure that the best interests of your child are properly represented and that your parent-child relationship is preserved whenever possible. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all support determinations are fair and just, both for the parent receiving the support and the payor of support.
  • Domestic violenceIf you experience any type of domestic violence or threat of violence at home against you or your children, it is imperative that you take the steps necessary to protect yourself immediately. Additionally, anyone facing false allegations should have representation to sufficiently challenge the accusations of violence.
  • Juvenile defenseIf your child is ever arrested and charged with criminal charges, they require effective defense representation to ensure their legal rights are protected and that they do not receive a wrongful conviction or penalties that are too harsh.

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Domestic violence lawyer Jill Coil has extensive experience representing Salt Lake City families in a wide variety of domestic litigation matters. If you are facing any type of family law case in Sandy, please do not hesitate to discuss your situation with our firm today. Please call our law firm, CoilLaw for assistance at 801-884-3775 today.


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