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There are few events more frightening than having authorities from the Utah Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) arrive at your door to investigate or to take your children away from you. If Salt Lake City DCFS Actions get involved with your family, it is critical to seek representation by a highly experienced Salt Lake City family law attorney who understands how to defend your rights as parents and can help keep your family together. At CoilLaw, LLC, we have significant experience with the family court system in Utah and can provide the highest quality of assistance in this stressful time.

How DCFS Can Affect Your Family

If DCFS receives information they will investigate the claim to determine whether they believe the allegations that a child was the victim of:

  • neglect
  • domestic violence
  • sexual abuse
  • any other type of abuse

Such claims may come from family members, neighbors, or anyone else via the DCFS child abuse hotline. While many allegations of abuse may be false, DCFS authorities take all reports of possible abuse extremely seriously. Even if you may believe the accusations against you are absurd, DCFS may come to your home to find evidence to take your children from you.

As soon as you believe you may be under investigation, quality legal representation is imperative. You may not realize that something you say or do around DCFS agents could lead to Salt Lake City DCFS Actions and an attorney can help to communicate with authorities to ensure that you do not inadvertently say anything to harm your case. We can assist you throughout the investigations and at any court hearings to defend against abuse claims and help you keep custody of your children.

What Happens If Your Children Are Removed?

If DCFS has removed your children from your home, one of our highly experienced Salt Lake City child custody attorneys can help you regain custody by refuting the evidence that DCFS has used to support their findings of abuse or neglect. The court will hear arguments from both sides and will determine whether your children should return to your home or be placed elsewhere, so it is extremely important to have an attorney who understands the family court system on your side during these court proceedings. During the time that your children are separated from you, we can help ensure that your children are being properly cared for by a willing and able friend or family member, if possible.

What Happens If DCFS Substantiates A Claim Against You?

If DCFS substantiates a claim against you it can be very frightening. These substantiated claims can hurt you in your employment, custody battles, and other facets of your life. DCFS substantiated claims are appealable which you then can present witness testimony and/or evidence to defend yourself against the claim.

It is important to hire our highly experienced Salt Lake City child custody attorneys who can help you through the appeal process to work on getting the substantiated claim overturned. Don’t wait, because you only have a certain amount of time in which you can appeal a DCFS substantiated claim.

Contact A Salt Lake City DCFS Actions Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you are contacted by the Department of Child and Family Services, your very next call should be to the experienced family law lawyers at CoilLaw, LLC. Attorney Jill L. Coil has helped keep many families together in the face of false accusations by DCFS and will defend your parental rights throughout the entire legal process. Please call our office today at (801) 884-3775 to learn more about how we can help you.


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