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Currently, Dallas sits in the ninth place for the most populated cities in the United States. While theories abound as to whom one of the United States’s largest cities was named after, the current contenders are as follows: Vice President, George M. Dallas, Alexander James Dallas, Walter R. Dallas, and James R. Dallas. So, not only is Dallas known for its skyrocketing population, it’s also known for its historical significance. Dallas is home to the very first skyscraper west of the Mississippi, known as the Praetorian Building. And, also located in Dallas is one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence.


A City of Culture and Art

Present day Dallas is a booming city defined by its eclectic culture of art, heritage, and historical significance. For residents and tourists of Dallas, there’s always something to do. A multitude of Texas’s museums call Dallas home. These Museums include the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Holocaust Museum, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the Haas Moto Museum, the Meadows Museum, and the Anne and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum. But wait; there’s more: the Mary Kay Museum, and the Crow Museum of Asian Art are also located in Dallas. The City of Dallas also offers many fine art attractions as well, such as the Bishop Arts Theater Center, the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, the Texas Ballet Theater, and the Dallas Black Dance Theater.


Traditions Both New and Old

Though Dallas is a booming city with a skyrocketing population, that hasn’t stopped Dallas from preserving their close-knit community. Over the years, the City of Dallas has maintained the traditions that have kept their community strong. Since the 19th century, Dallas has been the location of the annual State Fair which begins in late September and goes all the way until the middle of October. The State Fair is a fun and exciting event that provides entertainment for every member of the family. Though Dallas has preserved the traditional state fair for over a century, they’ve also created new, modern traditions like the annual Lucky’s St. Patrick’s Day Crawl. And, since Dallas is the home of the frozen margarita, they’ve started a traditional Margarita Mile. In the early spring through late summer, those older than 21 can embark upon a self-guided margarita sampling tour throughout Dallas.


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