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Spanning across more than 17 square miles is a town called Sunnyvale, where calling the population density “sparse” is a bit of an understatement: even today Synnyvale’s population is well below ten thousand. In fact, some of the most recent population reports estimate that Sunnyvale’s population is around five to six thousand residents. Although the town is still small, it’s definitely growing: Sunnyvale’s website lists numerous construction projects within the town. The new roads along with the highway are likely to attract more families, businesses, and other ventures. Sunnyvale is a quaint community with a family oriented culture. The aforementioned is best showcased by their traditional festivals held throughout the year. Residents and tourists of Sunnyvale enjoy the Sunnyfest, National Night Out, the Turkey Trot, and the Annual Tree Lighting.


Supporting Sunnyvale

CoilLaw loves small, close-knit communities like Sunnyvale. And, we’re dedicated to providing residents of Sunnyvale with expert legal advice regarding a wide variety of family law matters. We can handle your high-conflict, low-conflict, or no-conflict divorce. We can protect your rights and advocate for your interests in divorce. Though we are divorce pros, we aren’t necessarily pro-divorce. At CoilLaw, we want to help our clients do whatever will promote their happiness. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to be happy and thrive, and if we can help you do that, we’re here for you.


Dividing the House in Divorce

Dividing the house in divorce is a big issue for many couples. Topics such as the house’s value, who’s staying in the house, and whether or not the couple will sell the house, are all hotly, and frequently, contested issues. It isn’t uncommon for couples to disagree about the value of the home, especially when one of the parties is going to be keeping the home. And, it’s not uncommon for couples to disagree about who’s getting the home. It’s also very common for one party to want to keep the home, even though it may not be financially feasible. If you’re looking for advice on some of the most important issues, you need an attorney you can trust. 


Do You Need an Attorney?

If you’re considering a divorce, you should at the very least consult an experienced family law attorney. Having an attorney is crucial to protecting your rights during a divorce. At CoilLaw, we highly recommend hiring an experienced law firm who specializes in divorce. Divorce can be a confusing and difficult experience for many people. And, for couples who have been married for a long time, there are likely more financial assets, property, and debts to divide. Since our attorneys have so much experience, we’re able to prepare our clients for the divorce process. When it comes to custody battles, we’re able to fight for our client’s best interests. Having an attorney when going through a divorce is often an invaluable source of legal advice. Because our attorneys at CoilLaw have handled so many divorces, they’re in a unique position to give clients advice on what to fight for and where to negotiate. If you’re considering going through a divorce without an attorney, you should at the very least make a consultation. Setting up a consultation with a divorce lawyer at CoilLaw is easy. If you’re ready to file for divorce, contact CoilLaw today.


How to Survive and Thrive When Your Marriage Ends

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