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If we told you the population of Frisco, Texas is booming, we wouldn’t be lying–but it’d be a vast understatement: in the ten years between 2010 and 2020, the population of Frisco has nearly doubled. And, in 2017, Frisco topped the list for the fastest growing cities in the United States. Even though Frisco is regarded as the city with the skyrocketing population, the booming metropolis hasn’t always been this way. It all started in the middle of the 19th century when the first pioneers began settling in what we now know as Frisco. Though the population has been growing ever since, it really began to take off when the construction of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway began. The city we know as Frisco was named so in celebration of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway in 1904. Presently, Frisco is one of the Lone Star State’s fastest growing cities.


A Community Culture of Refinement

The heart of Frisco is centered around a community spirit that values art, culture, and heritage. Residents and those visiting Frisco will notice that the local attractions match Frisco’s refined values. Frisco is home to many exciting local attractions such as Central Park, the Frisco Art Gallery, the Frisco Discovery Center, the Frisco Heritage Museum, and all sorts of creative and distinguished pieces of public art placed throughout Frisco. History buffs, both living in Frisco and visiting Frisco will likely enjoy the city’s many museums such as the Museum of the American Railroad, and the National Videogame Museum. And, for those who are interested in Frisco’s artistic culture, there’s the Texas Sculpture Garden and the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center.


Frisco’s Adventurous Spirit

Frisco’s community centered spirit and love for tradition is best showcased by its many festivals and events hosted throughout the year. Frisco welcomes the new year with the NCAA Division I Football Championship. Then, in February, Frisco hosts the WOGA Classic. In March,– clearly a busy month for residents of Frisco–the town holds the Frisco College Basketball Classic, Conference USA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships, Texas Pinball Festival, and Arts in the Square. Frisco Uncorked is held in April. Frisco StrEATS Food Truck and Music Festival, along with the Frisco Fair are held in May. In the summertime, residents and tourists of Frisco may enjoy summer festivals such as Music in the Square, Frisco Freedom Fest, and Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. The fall marks the start of the Shawnee Trail Cowboy Days, Frisco Oktoberfest, Frisco Arts Walk and Run, and National Soccer Hall of Fame Induction. During the winter months, Frisco celebrates the holiday season with Christmas in the Square, Merry Main Street, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl.


Supporting Frisco

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