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Chico is located in Wise County, Texas. It’s a small town, only extending around 1.5 square miles. In this small town, farming and agriculture are the foundation of Chico’s economy. Some of Chico’s most important crops have been cotton, peanuts, and cantaloupe. Chico has also been a major source of Texas’s oil and crushed stone. Though the town only has just over a thousand residents, the small town of Chico has some big history. Around the end of the 19th century, settlers began arriving in the city we now call Chico. One of the most famous historical sites in Chico is the Siddons-Barns Log Cabin. Many believe this cabin to have been built by some of the original settlers in the 1870s. 


Is Divorce Right for You?

At CoilLaw, we’re divorce pros, but we’re not necessarily pro-divorce. We want whatever is best for our client, even if that means staying married. A lot of people who are considering divorce are in difficult marriages that are strained due to underlying issues. The grass may seem greener on the other side since divorce can free you from a lot, if not all, of the marital issues you are dealing with as a married person. Though you may no longer have to deal with the marital strain and pressure, divorce can bring its own issues. Therefore, having a realistic outlook on divorce is an essential part of the process. A divorce attorney can help you walk through your rights and your best options.


No One Dies from Divorce

Divorce is ugly: it’s traumatic, devastating, and it can take years to recover from. But, out of all the divorces our firm has seen, nobody has ever died from divorce. No One Dies from Divorce is a guide to surviving and thriving during and after divorce. Written by award winning attorney, Jill Coil, No One Dies from Divorce offers a family law attorney’s empowering advice on making it through one of the most difficult situations a person can be in. Though we’ve never seen anyone die from divorce itself, the emotional turmoil that’s come with the divorce can be devastating. If you, or someone you love, is experiencing symptoms of depression, or having thoughts of suicide, please do not hesitate to reach out for help today


Planning for the Future

If you’re going through a divorce, planning for your future is essential. Knowing your legal rights can help you protect yourself and mitigate your losses during a divorce. At CoilLaw, our experienced legal team can help walk you through your options and help you make decisions about how you’ll move forward legally. We’ve helped a wide variety of clients from all different backgrounds and situations. Our firm understands that no two divorces are the same. And, we have the legal knowledge and experience to give you legal advice customized to your specific situation. Having sound legal advice could be the key to planning for your future.


Setting up a Consultation

At CoilLaw, we make setting up a consultation simple. If you’re considering filing for divorce, getting sound legal advice is a crucial part of protecting your rights and mitigating your losses. Do not wait to get the advice you deserve. Going through divorce is difficult and can be unpredictable. If you’re going through a divorce, you need a skilled family law attorney who can advocate for you and your best interests. If you’re ready to get the legal advice you deserve, contact CoilLaw today.


How to Survive and Thrive When Your Marriage Ends

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