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During the middle of the 19th century, the very first settlers began arriving at the place we now call Rockwall. Although Rockwall started out as a small town with only a few settlers, it’s turned into a city that’s a hometown for many famous names. Multiple singers, actors and actresses, and professional athletes all call Rockwall their hometown. Today, many of Texas’s residents know Rockwall as one of the state’s most fast growing and progressive cities. Though Rockwall has a reputation for being a progressive city with a skyrocketing population, the city has retained its small town feel. But this small town is kind of a big place: Rockwall spans across almost 30 square miles.  


Rockwall’s Historical Sites

Rockwall is a city of undeniable historical significance. In fact, the city was named after a unique rock formation that the original settlers found in the city. As you can tell by its name, Rockwall is proud of its historicity. Although we still aren’t too sure about the origins of the rock wall that the settlers discovered, many historians, academics, and scientists have studied the wall and drawn their own conclusions and theorie. And, when we said Rockwall took pride in their historic namesake, we meant it: in 2017, the city finished the construction of a replica that the famous rock wall the city was named after. Those who are interested in history can visit the replica of the rock wall in the Historical Heritage Park. Rockwall’s Downtown Square also offers attractions such as old town shops and the historic courthouse.


Rockwall’s Traditions

The community of Rockwall is a community that has a love for tradition: throughout the year the city throws various events and festivals to promote the close-knit, small town atmosphere that Rockwall has created. Every year in March, Rockwall throws their annual Spring Fling. In the summer, Rockwall has a Cinco de Mayo Celebration and the San Jacinto Plaza Music Series–both occur in May. In the fall, Rockwall celebrates the month of October with the Hometown Farm to Feast, the Rib Rub Run and Roll, and the Scare on the Square. And, during the holiday season, Rockwall has many festive events such as the Holiday Open House, Shop Small Saturday, and the Hometown Christmas Celebration. And, the town of Rockwall is all about creating new traditions too, such as the annual Farmer’s Market that’s been going on since 2008.


Supporting a Close-Knit Community

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Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce?

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