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Tucked away in the middle of Van Zandt County is the quiet town of Canton. Similar to most of the cities and towns in Texas, Canton was settled in the middle of the 19th century. The small town of Canton stretches across nearly seven square miles and was finally incorporated in 1919. Today, Canton is a quaint and bustling town. Canton hosts a monthly flea market called First Monday Trade Days, which the town boasts is the world’s largest flea market. In August, Canton hosts the Van Zandt County Fair and Rodeo, and the Annual Bluegrass Festival. And, although Canton is a small town, there’s always plenty to do.

Keeping Canton Safe

Moxie Law Group understands and admires the communities with a culture centered around hard-work, just like Canton. That is why we are dedicating much time and energy into creating educational resources to help promote the safety of the communities around us. While we’d like to eliminate accidents and injury altogether, we understand that the goal is unrealistic. When an injury does occur, Moxie Law Group is committed to providing recourse to the injured party. Many people become overwhelmed and panicked when they total up all the costs relating to their injury. Moxie Law Group is here to offer support to those who are carrying the financial burden of the cost of injury.

Keeping Insurance Companies in Line

In most of the cases we see, we are not seeking compensation from the negligent party personally–we are seeking compensation from an insurance company. It’s common for insurance companies to offer the injured party an initial settlement. But when the initial settlement doesn’t even begin to cover the cost of the injury itself and the injury related expenses–and this happens frequently–the injured party often feels as though they’ve got no other option. If you have been injured, and the insurance company isn’t offering you enough to cover your medical bills. Moxie Law Group is another option for you.

Getting Our Clients the Compensation they Deserve

At Moxie Law Group, we work with insurance companies to negotiate a better settlement–one that will actually cover the costs of your injuries, and all the costs associated with it, such as loss of income. We will also work with hospitals and doctors to lower the cost of your medical bills so your settlement goes further. If the insurance companies aren’t willing to play fair, Moxie Law Group isn’t afraid of going to trial. In fact, we’re continuously building and upholding our reputation with insurance companies as the firm who will go to trial. Our firm is dedicated to going the extra mile in order to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

When You’ve Been Injured

If you have been injured in an accident, or injured due to the negligence of another person, do not hesitate to contact Moxie Law Group for a free consultation. We offer a case evaluation at no cost to make sure that we can help those who are injured. If we can offer assistance, we work on contingency. This means that if you don’t receive compensation for your injury, we don’t get paid. If you’re ready to file your claim, contact Moxie Law Group today.


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