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Dallas is one of the largest cities in America. Currently, Dallas is the ninth most populous city in the United States. It’s unclear how this large metropolis came to be called Dallas. Theories include the city being named after former vice president, George M. Dallas, Alexander James Dallas, Walter R. Dallas, and James R. Dallas. This would make sense for a city so saturated in historical significance. Not only was Dallas home to the Praetorian Building, the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi, it’s also home to one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence.

A City of Culture and Art

Today, Dallas is a bustling city with many fun things to do. A city filled with art and culture, Dallas is home to a multitude of museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Haas Moto Museum, Meadows Museum, and the Anne and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum. Additionally, Dallas is home to the Mary Kay Museum and the Crow Museum of Asian Art. If you’re interested in the fine arts, look no further: Dallas has many attractions for you. The Bishop Arts Theater Center is located in Dallas along with the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, Texas Ballet Theater, and the Dallas Black Dance Theater.

Traditions Both New and Old

Being one of the United States’ largest cities hasn’t stopped Dallas from maintaining a close-knit community. In addition to being rich in art and culture, Dallas is also saturated in tradition. Since the 1800s Dallas has been hosting the State Fair. Beginning in late September and spanning through the middle of October, the State Fair offers fun, entertainment, and excitement for the entire family. Dallas has worked hard to preserve and maintain traditional events. But that hasn’t stopped the booming metropolis from creating new traditions: St. Patrick’s Day 2022 marks the fifth annual Lucky’s St. Patrick’s Day Crawl. Dallas, home of the Frozen Margarita, recently added a Margarita Mile. Starting in early spring and ending in late summer, those over 21 years of age have an opportunity to partake in a self-guided margarita sampling tour through Dallas.

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