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Spanning across nearly 37 square miles, Lewisville is home to one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. Though the town has been growing since the middle of the 19th century, Lewisville wasn’t incorporated until 1925. But the growth didn’t slow down in 1925. In fact, as soon as the construction of the Garza-Little Elm Dam was completed, the population of Lewisville began to skyrocket. In present day, the Garza-Little Elm Dam has expanded into what we now know as the Lewisville Lake, which stretches across more than six square miles. Attracted to Lewisville’s heritage and artistic community, many growing families are heading to Lewisville to settle down.

Rich in Community and Culture

The community and culture of Lewisville is rich. This is a town with a strong sense of community and tradition: the city celebrates their community multiple times per year with unique festivals that offer entertainment and excitement for the whole family. In late April, there’s the Lewisville ColorPalooza: a Celebration of Spring. In the summer, Lewisville hosts the Fiesta Charra, Sounds of Lewisville, and the Lewisville Professional Bull Riders. In the Fall, Lewisville has the Western Days Festival and Best Little BrewFest in Texas. To close out the year in December, Lewisville hosts the Old Town Holiday Stroll. 

A City with a History

Not only is Lewisville a city with a strong sense of community and tradition, it’s also a city that’s saturated with historical sites and historical markers. Some of the best known historic sites in Lewisville are the Old Well House, Greater Lewisville Community Theater, and the Main Street Cafe. You can also visit the Homes on the 2003 Old Town Holiday Home Tour and the Homes on the 2004 Old Town Holiday Home Tour. Lewisville is also home to many important historical markers such as the Lewisville Prehistoric Site, Old Hall Cemetery, the Peters Colony, and the Milken House. 

We Understand Lewisville’s Culture

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We’re Here to Help You

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