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Divorce over videogames?  Sounds a little ridiculous to a lot of people. However, digital media is becoming an increasingly common pastime for many adults. But what happens when a person’s pastime is taking up all of their time? It’s not unheard of for video games to spark fights between spouses. In cases where addiction is present, a spouse’s gaming habit can easily lead to a loss of motivation or interest in activities that don’t involve gaming. Big problems arise when this means neglecting their spouse’s needs and responsibilities such as work, household chores, and even caring for the children. For this reason, many spouses of those addicted to video games feel as though divorce is their only option.

Warning Signs of Addiction

There are several signs that could indicate your spouse has become addicted to video games. Spouses of those addicted to video games may notice that their spouse spends all of their free time gaming, and in some cases, the addicted spouse may even spend time gaming when they should have been working, caring for the children, or taking care of chores and errands. A person who is suffering from video game addiction may be unable to quit—even when it’s become clear that they are no longer enjoying the game. Those who game may not have hobbies other than playing video games. And they may not be interested in finding a hobby either. A person who’s addicted to video games may also forsake other hobbies, or activities they used to enjoy, in order to spend more time playing video games. For most people, playing video games is a harmless pastime. However, when it becomes the most important thing in a person’s life, it may be a problem. This is particularly true in cases where people have neglected crucial duties—such as caring for the children—or risked important relationships, work performance, and school performance in order to play more games.

Why Some Develop an Addiction

In a lot of cases, people develop an addiction because they’re trying to cope with the stress of life. In some cases, this can be a significant incident that causes stress, such as the loss of a loved one. In other cases, a person may be using video games to cope with the stresses of day-to-day life. Video games give most consumers a sense of achievement since most games offer them the ability to complete objectives or quests, level up, unlock achievements and abilities, or compete against other game players. Many video games also introduce players to a world where their character has abilities they would not have in reality Players can also find themselves in a world that has magical elements that do not exist in reality. Examples of this may include the ability to fly, or the existence of magic. Those who are socially reserved often find it easier to interact with others in a video game. Because of the way video games are designed, games offer an attractive escape from negative feelings and difficult circumstances. Video games not only offer a world where you can be anyone or do anything free from the problems they face in the real world, they also offer players a safe space to connect with others socially, and find a sense of community and belonging when they feel alienated elsewhere.

Seeking Professional Help

If your spouse is struggling with video game addiction, you may be able to benefit from individual counseling as well as couple’s counseling. Though a lot of people still remember a time when video game addiction sounded made up, it’s important to take these addictions seriously, especially if they’re putting your relationship or children in danger. There are numerous cases of children being neglected due to a parent’s gaming habits. If this is happening with your spouse, it might be a good idea to get help. Only you can determine whether or not it’s time for divorce. However, it’s important to remember that you cannot change your spouse, or force them to change. Recovery is a decision your spouse needs to make for themselves.

When You’re Ready to File for Divorce

If you’re considering a divorce, and you’re not sure how to get the process started, consulting with an attorney is a great place to start. Though not every person going through a divorce needs to have an attorney present, most people can benefit from an initial consultation. Having an attorney who can help you understand your legal rights and advocate for your best interests usually results in a better outcome. At CoilLaw, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to fighting for our clients and ensuring that they get the best outcome possible. If you’re ready to file for divorce, contact CoilLaw today to get the process started. 


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