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Even couples who have no shared assets, no children, and separate bank accounts find divorce to be a long and strenuous process. If you’re currently going through divorce, you likely understand just how emotionally draining it is to have your world turned upside down. Before your divorce is finalized, you will need to know how you’re going to make it on your own after your marriage ends. Having a plan for the future can be a great way to feel excited about the future instead of overwhelmed by it.

Create a Financial Plan

Creating a budget for your new life will be the most important thing you can do to prepare for life after divorce. Many people are overwhelmed by the financial burden of divorce, and they’re often further stressed by their increased responsibilities and decreased income. Furthermore, if you have not been involved in your finances during your marriage, going into your new life without a plan of how you’re going to manage your finances can be disastrous. Make sure your budget is realistic and not made on the best case scenario. It’s not unheard of for spouses to be surprised by the cost of child support payments, or finding out that they are not getting as much alimony as they thought. 

Take Care of Yourself

A lot of people neglect their health during divorce because so much energy is going into the divorce process. And, unfortunately, mental health is frequently neglected during divorce. Many people don’t want to set aside the time and money needed for a therapist. However, counselling sessions can help you get through the divorce in the most healthy and efficient way possible. It also can save money; many people use their attorneys as a listening ear, but attorneys usually bill at least twice as much as therapists per hour for their time. It is also important for divorcing people to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. Feeling better physically can help you feel better mentally.

Do the Things You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Now is a good time to start those hobbies you’ve always been interested in. Having hobbies can encourage goal setting behavior while discouraging negative behaviors that can hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Many people going through divorce rediscover themselves in the process. If there are things you’ve always wanted to do, or skills you’ve always been interested in learning, now is a great time to begin. Many people struggle emotionally both during the divorce and after the divorce. Therefore it is crucial that you fill your life with as much positivity as possible. 

Enjoy Being Single

Now is the time to enjoy being single. If you know you will want a relationship in the future, you will need to first heal from your marriage and divorce. Your time as a single person can further help you rediscover and reinvent yourself. And, during your time as a single person, you will have the freedom to do whatever you need to do in order to heal from the trauma of divorce and grieve your marriage. 

Moving Forward

If you’re ready to take the next step toward your new life, CoilLaw is here for you. Our expert family law attorneys are committed to guiding you through the divorce process and giving you the confidence you need to start again. If you have questions about the divorce process, call CoilLaw today to get answers.


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