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Divorce is one of the most stressful events in one’s life.  In fact, divorce is harder to get through and process than dealing with a close death.  Therefore, it is understandable that you are going to be emotional and not be in perfect mental health.  However, you can save yourself additional stress and suffering by being aware of the most common mistakes with legal ramifications, brought to you by a leading divorce attorney.  

Mistake 1: 

Taking Legal Advice from Anyone Besides Your Attorney.  Google is not your source of information when it comes to divorce.  Divorce is so particular to your state, city, and possibly even your court that it is impossible for Google to keep up and ensure that you get the correct information.  Further, divorce law is ever-changing in every state, and therefore, reading things on Google can be outdated and not actually correct.  It is particularly important that you meet with an attorney that is familiar with Family Law in your county and state.  That way you can get specific information about your case and your facts that can help you make decisions that best support you and your family.  

Mistake 2: 

Bad Mouthing the Ex on Social Media.  The saying that “once it’s on the internet, it’s always on the internet is so true.”  Even if you have blocked your ex on all your social media accounts, they are going to see your post.  A mutual friend or friend of a friend is going to screenshot it and send it to them, and inevitably you are going to see the negative post in court.  Therefore, just don’t do it.  Call your friends on the phone or express your frustration to them in person (never when the kids are around), but posting any of your negative beliefs on Social Media will just come back to bite you in the behind.  

Mistake 3: 

Rushing to a Rebound Relationship.  I get it.  Getting divorced is hard and puts us in a space of loneliness that no human wants and/or desires.  Therefore, getting attention from that next relationship to feel that void feels amazing.  However, you rushing into the relationship is only going to end with heartbreak and/or confusion.  You need to take time to repair and build yourself.  Further, introducing another paramour during a divorce only adds fuel to an already heated fire.  

Mistake 4: 

Not Getting into Therapy.  I am a big proponent of therapy for everyone and anyone just dealing with life.  But I cannot state how important it is to get a good therapist that you trust to help you through a divorce.  Therapy will help you heal, learn coping skills, and deal with your emotions so that you can be more rational in your divorce.  

Mistake 5: 

Letting Your Emotions Get the Best of You.  There is no question that divorce is an emotional process.  But sometimes throughout a divorce (when we are not taking care of our emotions) we then allow it to cloud our rational and reasonable self and we decide that our emotions then should control our ability to negotiate and eventually settle the divorce.  I can’t tell you how many times we have had a divorce mediation almost blow up over a toaster or a blender.  This is why not doing Mistake 4 is so important because the therapist can help you realize what is really important, and it can improve the ability to settle and move forward in your divorce so that you can move on.  

How a Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Getting a divorce in Salt Lake City can have emotional, financial, and even social implications for your life.  Don’t make the mistakes that can cause you more hardship and pain.  When you are facing a divorce, a family law attorney in Utah, Jill L. Coil, can represent you. Call CoilLaw, LLC for a consultation today at 801-939-6027.  Speaking with an attorney first can be the best decision you make.  


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