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A divorce can be a very emotionally draining experience that can take a significant amount of time to be concluded. While the process may be straightforward for a couple that has few or no assets and no children, it can get complicated depending on what other issues need to be ironed out. Negotiations on issues like spousal support (alimony) and the division of marital assets can become emotionally charged, and having an experienced family law lawyer in Utah to handle these negotiations can result in a better solution.

Building a trusting relationship with your lawyer is extremely important. You need a lawyer that not only handles your case with your best interests in mind but one that listens to your concerns and addresses your needs in the case. During a divorce or custody fight, you may need to tell your lawyer a lot of personal details about your life and your marriage. It is important to consider the relationship you have to develop with your lawyer to feel comfortable enough to share this information. There needs to be a level of trust with your lawyer.

Choosing the right family law firm in Utah that can handle your case is also important. For example, if a couple has multiple assets and unresolved issues relating to spousal support, it may be important to consider:

  • how many attorneys and other resources a firm has to dedicate to your case to ensure a successful outcome
  • the law firm’s approach to alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation
  • the firm’s experience in your type of divorce, for example, whether child custody will be part of your divorce

These methods can make a divorce less contentious and in some cases may reduce the overall costs of the process.

Ultimately, it is important to choose a family law firm with a proven track record. Decisions made in a divorce and regarding child custody can have long term effects. It is important to choose a family law lawyer who takes this into consideration when handling your case. You can research a lawyer or a law firm you are considering by checking with the Utah State Bar Association, and other professional associations.

If you are having issues regarding family law in Salt Lake City, you need a lawyer who can passionately fight for your rights while treating you with compassion. Contact experienced Salt Lake City family law lawyer Jill L. Coil of CoilLaw, LLC, for a consultation today.

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