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Jill Coil

How to Argue Effectively

By Family Law

Knowing how to argue effectively can restore peace to your home Consider the political climate of the present day: those on the right are becoming more radical in their ways, just as those on the left are becoming more radical in their ways. And, room for compromise seems to be…

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Inside a DCFS Investigation

By Child Custody, DCFS, Family Law

DCFS, Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services, has a bad reputation for a good reason: a lot of innocent and well-meaning parents have been the focus of exhaustive investigations, and a lot of neglected and abused children have fallen through the cracks. If DCFS shows up at your door,…

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Four Signs You Can Save Your Marriage

By Divorce, Family Law

Sometimes fights get so intense that you can’t help but google on your phone, “Divorce near me Salt Lake City.” It’s a wordy search, but we’re glad it’s brought you here. At CoilLaw, we’re divorce attorneys, but we’re not pro-divorce. We believe that, in family law, doing what’s best for…

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How to Survive and Thrive When Your Marriage Ends

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