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Experts weren’t quite sure what the impact of COVID-19 would be on the divorce rates across America. Some assumed that the rates of divorce would skyrocket with so many couples who can’t stand each other being quarantined with one another. Others theorized that COVID may be a good time for couples to work together on issues in their marriage—being stuck together in quarantine was quite an opportunity for couples to have quality time together. Though we’ve been dealing with the COVID pandemic for almost two years, we still don’t have concrete data on how the pandemic has affected divorce rates on a global scale. However, if you’re going through a divorce during the pandemic, make sure you know how to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Get Physical Activity

Though your gym may be closed, you can still go out and exercise. Many people have begun walking or jogging during the pandemic. These kinds of activities can have the added benefit of taking place outside. And, when you’re going through a divorce, you shouldn’t spend too much time cooped up in your home. Though it’s good to have time in your comfort zone, divorce leaves many people vulnerable to depression if they’re too alone. Spending too much time in your house may cause you to become unnecessarily isolated—especially if you’re working from home. If you already get plenty of time outside the house, you may decide to invest in some gym equipment for your home. Staying physically active during divorce should be a priority because of all the mental benefits exercise can bring.


Don’t Wear Pajamas All Day

If you have to work from home during the pandemic, it may not be the best idea to spend all day in your pajamas. Dressing in your everyday clothes can set your mental and emotional tone for the day boosting your motivation and overall productivity. Alternatively, staying in your pajamas all day may have a negative effect on your self-esteem and your sleep cycle. Dressing up every now and then may help increase your mental health as well: according to a study done in Australia, participants were more likely to say their mental health declined during the pandemic if they wore pajamas at least once a week. Divorce can be incredibly damaging to a person’s mental health, their self-esteem, and their motivation. If you’re going through a divorce during COVID, It may help your mental health to go through the motions of a regular day and leave the pajamas for night time use.

Find a Mental Health Professional

If you’re going through a divorce during COVID, therapy is strongly recommended. A lot of people try to avoid seeing a therapist. Sometimes, this happens because they’re too embarrassed to see a therapist. Others would rather spend the money on their legal fees; but a lot of people then unconsciously use their attorney to vent to, and attorney time is usually much more expensive than therapist time. There are many ways to receive financial support in obtaining therapy whether it’s through insurance, church assistance programs, or sliding scale payment schedules. Speaking with a therapist allows you to speak without judgment and process your situation emotions.Whatever your reasons for reluctance are, you should make therapy a priority. The pandemic has already caused a global mental health crisis. If you’re already struggling with depression and anxiety, those may increase during the divorce process. If you’re going through a divorce during COVID, do not wait until you’re having a mental health crisis to get help.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

One of the reasons COVID has been such a burden on America’s mental health has a lot to do with the isolating effects of the quarantine. With the way the case counts are going, it is possible that things will begin to shut down again. If this happens, you will need to put a little extra effort into reaching out to your friends and family members. Having contact with people who love you and support you will likely be an essential part of getting through divorce and avoiding excessive emotional trauma.

Make a Budget 

The pandemic has been a huge financial strain on many Americans. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in the middle of a divorce or if you’re just about to meet with an attorney, you will need to make a budget. A lot of people are taken aback by just how costly their day-to-day expenses are. The last thing you need is being caught off guard by your costs of living. Financial stress is often a significant contributor to feeling overwhelmed. Having a better understanding of your financial situation and making a budget to help you manage that stress.. This is also important to assist you in preparing for the unexpected such as the loss of  job or being laid off due to potential shutdowns. It is much easier to cope and manage a situation you understand. Ignoring and avoiding your finances will only create more stress and emotional strain.

When You’re Ready to Start Again

Divorce during a pandemic can be extremely difficult, especially if you do not have a strong emotional support system and mental health care. If you’re going through divoce during these difficult times, you are not alone. Many people have decided to end their marriages in order to live more fulfilling lives. If you’re ready to start over again, CoilLaw is here for you. We can help you protect your family while advocating for your rights. Call us today to get the process started.  


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