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Divorce is one of the most difficult situations that some women must face in life. They often feel frustrated, abandoned, or betrayed after establishing a home with a person they once loved. They are concerned about their children and how a divorce will impact their future. These struggles are only compounded when mothers factor in money and how they are planning on providing for their children’s well-being, especially if they only worked part-time or as a stay-at-home mom. Even though these are legitimate and very real concerns, when you file for divorce as a woman, you have rights that protect both you and your children. To ensure these rights remain protected and your family’s livelihood is maintained, consider what a divorce attorney for women in Sandy can do for you.

A Claim to Your Assets from Marriage

Many women who are starting the divorce process may worry about how finances will affect them and their family after the divorce is settled. Women and children, however, are protected financially under the law even if the mother made little to no monetary contributions to the family. Any bank accounts, insurance policies, home equity, and other assets are legally divided between both parties to ensure mothers and children still have support and livable means after a divorce.

In Utah, your claim to assets as a woman will depend on each family member’s financial needs in addition to other decisions concerning who will be granted guardianship of the children. Other factors that determine the distribution of property include both partner’s income level, the health and age of both partners and their children, and other needs that arise due to special circumstances. Family providers are also generally obligated to pay child support and/or alimony to ensure that reasonable financial needs of a woman and her children are met. As financial support is one of the most important aspects for women filing for divorce, it could be very costly not to hire a Sandy divorce lawyer for women, especially one that specializes in pursuing financial security for her clients.

Your Children in the Divorce Process

Custody and child support are equally as important to women going through a divorce as finances. It can be frightening to think that you could lose custody of your children, but there are many things that determine how and when both partners will be able to see/raise their children. In Utah, the court decides custody be looking at a few of the following factors:

  • Which parent will act in the children’s best interest and provide for the well-being of the children
  • The individual relationships each child has with his or her parents, including the roles parents took prior to divorce proceedings
  • Which parent is more likely to comply with court orders

There are several types of proceedings and judgments that may determine custody, but loving women who want to raise and be with their children after a divorce are generally able to obtain their wish. Whether through sole custody, joint custody, or other arrangements, your children will be protected and still know that you love them.

Your Divorce Attorney for Women in Sandy

We have seen many divorces and helped hundreds of women going through a divorce in Sandy. You may feel frustrated and lonely during the divorce process, but you are not alone. I am always here to help you and make sure you receive the representation you deserve to protect your rights and the rights of your children. To continue raising your children and to secure a stable financial future for your family, call me, Jill Coil, as your Sandy divorce attorney.


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