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Many people love to commercialize things, especially romantic love. Jewelers and chocolatiers are all too happy to profit off this mass commercialization, just as are the receivers of such gifts. However, those who are newly single on Valentine’s Day can find the holiday to be distressing, especially if the holiday meant a lot to you. If this is your first Valentine’s Day without a romantic partner, and this holiday means a lot to you, you should know that it’s still possible for you to get in on the celebration.

Breakfast with the Kids

There are so many cute ideas for a Valentine’s Day breakfast with your kids. From heart-shaped pancakes to strawberry flavored cinnamon rolls, Pinterest is flooded with fun ways you can celebrate the holiday with your children. Depending on your circumstances, you may also decide to take your kids out for dinner, or watch a movie with them. Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation and love to the most important people in your life. And most parents can’t fathom anyone more important than their children. If you have children, and you have parent-time on Valentine’s Day, consider making this a day that’s all about how grateful you are to be a parent.


If you’ve got friends or family in town, this may be a great opportunity to do something nice for them. You can show them your appreciation for all that they do by volunteering to babysit their kids. Or, alternatively, you could invite your friends or family members over for dinner at your place. If you don’t have friends or family in state, you may decide to look for organizations that are looking for volunteers on Valentine’s Day. Many people find fulfillment in helping others and giving back to their community. If you’re feeling alone on Valentine’s Day, and you don’t have any loved ones within driving distance, this may be a good option for you.

Celebrate at Work

One of the only guarantees we can present you with on this blog: none of your co-workers will like you less if you bring goodies to work on Valentine’s Day. Bringing donuts, or bagels, or some other sort of carb coated in sugar is a great way to boost morale around the office. When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day at work, it may be helpful to think of the day as a day to celebrate random acts of kindness. Most people feel good when they’re spreading positivity around. If you’re worried about spending your first Valentine’s Day alone, you may feel a little bit better if you focus on spreading kindness and positivity.

Go Out with Loved Ones

In a poll that asked people who they liked to show love to on Valentine’s Day there were actually enough responses to include a category dedicated entirely to pets. That’s right, 14% of participants liked to show love to their pets on Valentine’s Day. 18% liked to show love to their best friends, and 60% said they liked to show love to their family members. Only 44% said that they liked to show love to a partner. And 20% of married couples don’t particularly care about Valentine’s Day. If you’re concerned about being alone on Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance that your friends would be happy to hang with you on the holiday, even if your friends are married or in relationships.

Be Your Own Valentine

There’s no substitute for self-care. You can be your own Valentine this Valentine’s Day by taking care of your mental and emotional well-being. Make this Valentine’s Day a day where you get to relax and do whatever it is that will de-stress you the most. Valentine’s Day comes shortly after the holiday season, and many of us are still carrying around holiday stress. This Valentine’s Day, challenge yourself to do something that will recharge you. If you’re feeling particularly distressed by spending Valentine’s Day alone, you may benefit from being your own valentine.

No One Dies from Divorce

We know that divorce can bring a lot of emotional turmoil, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Though divorce itself cannot kill you, the emotions that come with divorce can lead people to a very dark place. If you’re struggling with your divorce, and you’re concerned about your mental health, talking with a qualified mental health professional can help you cope with the more intense emotions that come with divorce. If you are in crisis right now, please dial 988 or click here to talk to someone who can help. 



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