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When it comes to getting a divorce, many couples want the process to be over as soon as possiblein fact, most people are frantically googling ways to get their divorce finalized yesterday, despite the fact that they haven’t even filed yet. If you’re hoping to cut ties with your ex as soon as you can, you may need to do some compromising in order to speed the process along. The divorces that take years to finalize and end up costing the price of a new luxury vehicle usually involve two parties who are unwilling to compromise and who are overly willing to spend assets they have on legal fees.

Don’t Fight over Toasters

It’d sure be nice if you could have all the small kitchen appliances. But, if you and your ex both feel entitled to the toaster, you may just want to give in and let your ex have it. When dividing assets, some people make the objects the focus of all the hurt and anger the broken parts of the marriage have caused. These people may feel as though they can get back at their ex by keeping an item the ex wanted. And, they often believe that getting this revenge will somehow heal them. Historically, clients have spent years and many thousands of dollars fighting over items that aren’t worth a fraction of the legal fees. If your ex is ready to go to court over a toaster, and you’re dying to be separated from them, just let them have the toaster.

Don’t Weaponize Custody

A lot of parents feel an emotional need to have at least 50/50 physical custody, regardless of whether or not having such an arrangement is even feasible, and beneficial to the children involved. Don’t fight for 50/50 custody of the children if you don’t have time to be the primary caregiver at least half of the time. Also, if you are trying to get full custody of the children just to spite your ex, you may want to rethink your requests, especially if your ex has expressed an interest in being involved in your children’s lives. This is particularly true if they have historically been involved in the children’s lives. It’s extremely difficult to make sure your children never see their other parent. If you’re trying to speed up the divorce process, you need to be reasonable in your expectation on the parent-time arrangements for both yourself and your spouse.

Reconsider Alimony

Alimony is very frequently an emotionally charged issue in divorce. Though it’s impossible to say whether or not you or your ex will get alimony, and how much either of you would receive, alimony is almost always based on these two factors: the payor’s ability to pay, and the lower earning spouse’s need. The court is concerned with the lower earning spouse’s ability to maintain the current standard of living. If you do not need alimony to maintain your current standard of living, it may be worth it to waive alimonyespecially if you’re looking to speed up the divorce.

Don’t Get too Emotional

Divorce is an incredibly emotional thing for a lot of people. Couples don’t get divorced because they couldn’t agree on where to eat on a Thursday night. Couples typically get divorced because things have still not improved after years of fighting, resentment, and unresolved conflict. The emotions that come with ending a marriage like this can be intense and unpredictable. Oftentimes, people do and say things they never thought they’d do or say because of the emotional turmoil that comes with the divorce process. If you’re currently going through a divorce, try to keep your emotions from influencing your behavior during the trial. Looking at things from an objective perspective can help you avoid fighting battles that are inspired only by emotion. When possible, the divorce process should be viewed as a business transaction to which emotions play no part. The same will apply to any future interaction in raising children or carrying out the terms of the divorce.

Get an Attorney

An experienced family law attorney can also help you speed up your divorce process. Everyone is looking for a fast divorce. And, believe it or not, an attorney can help expedite the divorce process and avoid pitfalls resulting from quick negotiations and documents prepared by you or your spouse. If you’re looking for some solid advice on getting a fast divorce, CoilLaw is here for you. Our team of experienced divorce attorneys can help fight for your rights in a divorce while helping you through the divorce process. If you’re ready to get started, contact CoilLaw today.


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