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Utah Divorce Records

By March 31, 2021September 13th, 2021Divorce

Are you one of those people that love to look up records and/or statistics on the internet?  Have you googled Divorce Records before?  Believe it or not finding information and correct information about divorce records is not as easy as you think.  When you google the term “divorce record” you get a lot of paid websites saying “How to Look up Divorce Records?”, “Search Divorce Records”, “Search Utah Divorce”, etc.  However, the first thing you should know is that you do not have to pay to look up divorce records in Utah.  So go ahead and skip over those ad websites and scroll down to Utah.gov websites. 

Most records are considered public, including marriage, divorce, and birth records.  But in April 2012, divorce records in Utah became private, and therefore, you cannot just go and look at all records in divorce.  Divorce records have a lot of personal information, so the Utah State Legislature decided to protect that information.  

However, to see if someone is divorced is quite simple in Utah.  You can search divorce records in Utah by going to https://pubapps.utcourts.gov/XchangeWEB/login.  You areHow to search for divorce records in Utah going to have to pay a small fee to be able to log in and see a person’s records.  This could be a good tool for you if you are dating someone and want to ensure they are telling you the truth about their past.  On Xchange you can search a name and see all different kinds of court cases that have been filed against that person (criminal, lawsuits, or even divorces).  You will be able by click on their name (ensure it’s the right person as there could be multiple people with the same name in Utah) and then you are able to see when a divorce was filed and when it was finalized.  

Xchange is a fabulous tool for all view public records.  You can rest assured that when you use their service you are getting accurate information and the cost you are spending is worth it.  

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