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More Than Just a Lawyer

Jill L. Coil, a domestic litigation lawyer for and the owner of CoilLaw, LLC, a divorce law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, was recently featured in the city’s online Attorney at Law Magazine. Telling reporters for the magazine that she is more than just a lawyer, but “a wife, mother, colleague, community volunteer, employer, leader, and activist” too, it’s no wonder that the magazine chose to highlight Coil’s achievements and background.

A Female Attorney in a Male-Dominated Field

Jill Coil is not just recognized for her achievements in the law, but also for the fact that she is one of the few highly regarded female attorneys in Salt Lake City, a city that is dominated by high-achieving males. Not only is she one of the most renowned attorneys in the city, but also one of the few females to take a leap of faith by opening her own firm.

“I believe women really can do it all,” Coil told the magazine, speaking about her own achievements. She added that women “don’t have to be held by any limitations” due to motherhood or tasks and duties related to it.

Focusing on Family Law

While Coil had worked at numerous successful firms before opening her own, she believed her passions and skills could be better served by branching out independently. Today, CoilLaw, LLC focuses primarily on divorce law and family law matters, such as:

  • child support
  • child custody
  • alimony

CoilLaw, LLC has also expanded its practice to include advocacy for those who have been convicted of certain crimes, namely those related to family law, such as domestic violence, domestic violence protective order violations, and more.

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Led By Passion

In addition to legal smarts and skills, the ability to think analytically and critically, and a sharp mind, being a successful lawyer, and a successful leader requires passion. This, more than anything, is what sets CoilLaw, LLC apart from other family law legal firms in the area. Jill Coil has dreamed of being an attorney since she was a child, and is committed to ensuring her clients’ needs are always prioritized and securing the best possible outcomes.

If you have questions about a family law matter or criminal charge that you are facing, do not hesitate to reach out to Salt Lake City divorce lawyer Jill Coil today. Call CoilLaw, LLC directly at 801-781-5614, or contact our team using our online form for divorce help in Salt Lake City.


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