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Family courts handle many different cases related to marriage, divorce, parental rights, financial support, domestic violence, and more. Every family law matter will be different with varying issues and can be easier or more difficult to resolve depending on many factors. These factors may include whether the parties have children, the amount and nature of the parties’ property and assets, the physical and mental health of the parties, and more.

The Litigation Process Can Be Stressful

One important factor that can greatly affect any type of family law case is the attitude and willingness to cooperate of each of the participants in the case. If two spouses or parents are willing to work together in an amicable and respectful way, cases can often be resolved efficiently and with as little emotional impact as possible. If each party has an experienced attorney helping with their case, the attorneys can hopefully negotiate any difficult issues to settle the case largely out of court. Negotiation and settlement are possible in every case and is highly recommended by the court.

If parties cannot agree on all major issues, there are other tools that your divorce lawyer can suggest to try to keep the litigation process as simple as possible. For example, you and your spouse may engage in mediation to try to come to an agreeable arrangement. By doing so, you can reduce the time and expense required to fight out an issue in court.

Unfortunately, some couples are unable to come to an agreement on their own. In such instances, the family court will hear evidence and arguments from both sides and make the decisions for you. Family court regularly hears the following types of cases:

  • judgeDivorce, annulment, or legal separation
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Domestic violence

Whether you are able to come to an agreement or not, it is important to have the assistance of a skilled domestic litigation lawyer who understands family law in Utah.

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At CoilLaw, LLC, Salt Lake City divorce attorney Jill Coil understands the importance of family and the potentially adverse effects any type of legal case can have on the well-being of you and your children. For this reason, the team at CoilLaw seeks to resolve your case in the most favorable yet efficient way possible so that you can move on with your life.

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