Our DCFS Guide Contains Everything You Need to Know about Dealing with the DCFS

The Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) is an important division of the Utah Department of Human Services. While DCFS no doubt performs critical and, sometimes, even life-saving work, interacting with DCFS as a parent can be intimidating and scary. In severe cases, DCFS has the power to take a child away from a family – something that no parent wants.

If you have questions about DCFS or have recently been contacted by DCFS, our DCFS Guide published by the Utah DCFS action attorneys at CoilLaw is your best resource. Get your DCFS Guide today.

DCFS: What You Need to Know

According to the mission statement found on the website of the Division of Child and Family Services, the purpose of the division is to keep children safe from abuse and neglect, as well as to provide domestic violence services.

In order to fulfill that mission statement, the DCFS is responsible for investigating all allegations of child neglect, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child abuse. The division takes all allegations very seriously, and in some cases, may even approach your family with the goal of finding evidence to prove the abuse, rather than assuming your or your family members’ innocence before there is clear evidence to the contrary.

If DCFS obtains evidence that abuse or other unacceptable acts involving a child are taking place within the home, the division has the power to separate your children from you. If you are in this situation, our DCFS Guide can provide you with the information you need to act quickly.

You Need Guidance When Dealing with the Division of Child and Family Services

The idea of losing custody of your child or having the DCFS substantiate a claim against you may sound frightening, and it is: the DCFS, while often well-intended, is a powerful division, and its decisions can have a major impact on everything from your time with your child, your ability to make decisions relevant to your child’s life, and even your employment and other areas of your life.

If you have allegations made against you or someone in your family that your child is being abused or neglected and the DCFS gets involved, you need help NOW. Our DCFS Guide will help you to understand what the DCFS does, what its responsibilities and limitations are, what your rights are when interacting with the DCFS, information about what you legally need to provide to the DCFS when asked, general guidelines for interacting with DCFS personnel and answering interview questions, and what to do if your child is separated from you. If you have a DCFS-related issue, our guide is an invaluable tool that can be used to protect your future and the future of your child.

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